Welcome to the official website of Tug of War Federation of Serbia

Sport brings health, happiness and builds a healthy, competitive personality. Sport brings a sense of belonging to a group, fulfills the feeling of national pride, strengthens international cooperation, and brings international recognition. Our duty is to take care of sport, and all good things it brings, but also to uncompromisingly fight against all negative in and around it. We chose to do so with rope Tug of War.

Tug of war is a healthy team sport where individuals learn to contribute to a team in a joint effort, resulting in cooperation and team discipline.

Tug of war is an amateur sport with a long history; it encourages, promotes and enhances mental and physical readiness for the competition, applicable to the everyday situation in general.

Tug of War clubs in Serbia

  1. AVALA BEOGRAD   from Belgrade
  2. SHADOWS            from Belgrade
  3. BLACK JOKER    from Boljevac
  4. Q-GYM            from Belgrade
  5. LOKOMOTIVA    from Zeleznik- Belgrade

Management of the Tug of War Federation Serbia

  • President   Milan Rusalić
  • The General Secretary   Danijela Dojčinović
  • Executive Board
  • Assembly

Tug of War Association of Serbia

Address: Ivo Lola Ribar bb, Železnik, 11250 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381112580751
E-mail:     twfserbia@ptt.rs